Presented by

Lorry Salcedo Mitrani


With the collaboration of

 Ms. Martha Meier Miro Quesada

Mrs. Ana Maria Estrada de Rosen

The Permanent Mission of Peru to the United Nations


 Honoring the city of Lima and the 500th anniversary

of the sighting of the Pacific Ocean

by Vasco Nunez de Balboa


17, 18, 24 and 25 of September


Cervantes Institute of New York

211 East 49th St.

New York, NY 10017

(212) 308-7720





Welcome to the Fourth Contemporary Peruvian Film Showcase in New York City, celebrating the exhilarating fifty-year journey of modern Peruvian cinema. This year, the program will be dedicated to the Pacific Ocean and the city of Lima from an art perspective: cinematography and photography.

In Peru, the sea has played a fundamental role in the formation of our identity, in the development of our economy and in our historical evolution. Lima, therefore, because it is the only Latin-american capital with its limits on the ocean is bound to that fate. This year 2013 marks the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by the Europeans. The world has never been the same since. The cinema will help us celebrate this discovery, which forever changed our history, with 12 successful films dating from the last 50 years (documentaries, shorts and feature-length fiction). This will also be the first time that 14 contemporary Peruvian photographers will, through their art, help us celebrate such an eventful date.

This fourth show is curated and produced by the photographer and filmmaker Lorry Salcedo Mitrani, with the collaboration of the Permanent Mission of Peru to the United Nations in New York, The Municipality of Lima and the generous support of Ms. Martha Meier Miro Quesada and Mrs. Ana Maria Estrada de Rosen.

Additional support has been received from the Center for American Studies in Lima (CEA), Marco Palomino Pezo, Jose Balado from DocuPeru, Laslo Rojas and Luis Ramos  from Cinencuentro, Marta Benetti M.A. from University of Rosario in  Argentina and New York University – CLACS / Quechua Outreach Committee.

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